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Due to the current environment, we are taking some extra precautions to keep our bar safe for our guests and staff.  We will be using disposable menus for every guest and sanitizing the tables in between each reservation.  As always, all utensils and glassware are sanitized between each use.  We will be sanitizing commonly touched areas often.  Our staff members will wear face masks at all times and regularly wash their hands.  Our guests are required to wear a mask when not seated at a table.

Reservations are available for 1-hour and 2-hour timeslots 4pm – 11pm Monday though Saturday.



 1. Why is there a minimum per person?

There is a reservation fee of $10 per person for a 1 hour reservation and $15 per person for a 2 hour reservation. 

The down payment ensures that our guests will be able to have a table for the evening. 

And, every bit of that tab is yours to spend while you are with us, on drinks and food items. If you spend more than the minimum, you simply pay the difference when you close out.  If you haven’t quite used it all by the time you are leaving us, be sure and grab a to-go cocktail, or perhaps a bottle or two, so you get the full bang for your buck!

Due to the restrictions in place, the pre-paid tab helps us ensure that our limited spaces are being used in a way that maintains our sustainability as a business.  It also allows us to make sure that we are doing our best to keep our guests and staff safe.

 2. Can I cancel my reservation? 

Yes, we do require that you cancel or reschedule your reservation 6 hours before your reservation time to receive a refund.  This allows us some time to give another guest a chance to book the table.

3. What if I have a party of more than 4 people?

If you have a group larger than 4, you can book a second or third table to fit your full party.

After making your first table reservation, simply begin another reservation with the number of people needed and select a different table to book. Just be sure that you reserve the tables at the same time and complete the reservations under the same name, so we know to put the tables together.

4. Do I really have to leave after 1 hour or 2 hours? 

If your party would like to stay around for longer than two hours, simply book another time slot after your reservation time.  We would love to have you in all night! Booking time slots allows all of our guests who want to come in a chance to enjoy some cocktails. 

5. Is food available? 

Yes! We have food served by our friends and neighbors The Wild Goose Meeting House. You can view the current menu here

6. Is Brooklyn’s still open for to-go cocktails and bottle sales?

Yes, we understand that not all of our guests will be comfortable for dine-in cocktail service yet.  We would still love to give you the opportunity to enjoy our to-go cocktails and bottles at your home.